Roy Sayegh

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Roy Sayegh

About Roy Sayegh

  • Gender: Male
    Age: 31
  • Fee Range: Upon request
    Active tutor since: July 2020
Education is the most important tool in a person's belt. I aim to help you make it through your educational journey, offering you support in whichever way possible. Sometimes, the material in class can seem complex and annoying. My plan is to do my best to simplify it so that you can move on with your life. I have always loved learning, especially tagging along on someone else's educational journey. For years, I have helped others, as others have helped me, get through those annoying courses.

Just because you need to learn something does not mean you can't have some fun doing it. I realized in my own life that the learning never stops, but the studying does. For learning ceases to be studying when you let loose and have some fun with the knowledge.

My promise is to try to turn studying into learning. To help you let go of the annoying aspect of your course or subject, and spark a sense of curioisty. Of course, the plan is ultimately to help you get through the course and succeed, but let us enjoy the process!


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